About Us

about us toots kidsI am so profoundly impressed and enamoured by how well e-commerce brings the world together—and how even the simplest idea can turn into a sensation overnight. Brands can transcend themselves and touch peoples’ hearts, products can shine like accoutrements and emblems that promise an increased quality of life, and a dress that can be purchased and shipped within moments can inspire style and fashion—and transformation. At the epicentre of all of that is the genesis of Tootskids.com.au

My name is Quynh, and I founded Toots Kids because I believed that I had the power to do more with my designs and my career than what I could do within my local community.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love where I come from. The culture and beauty of Melbourne, Australia has impacted my life in irrefutable ways, and many ways at that. In fact, it would be more apropos to say that Melbourne, and all of Australia, is what has inspired Toots Kids, and one of the primary reasons so many people are drawn to the Toots Kids brand. Toots Kids offers a high level of style and a sense of escapism for our customers.

Style in Australia is second to none, and as the digital landscape of e-commerce continues to unfold, more and more of the world realizes this—and decides to shop with Australian businesses. Many different designers and clothing companies in Australia have conventionally charged high prices for their clothes. Toots Kids is the next level in not only quality but affordability.

But—Let’s go back to the beginning. It was my dream to start this business. My daughter, Natasha, has inspired me to an infinite degree. The love between myself, my husband and our daughter is something I cherish more than anything else in this life, and it’s what propels me to keep working to make Toots Kids bigger and better every single day.

In 2015, I saw the local market near our house as an opportunity to bring my fashion designs to life. It was small at the time, but it was a great way to express myself. I kept my day job, but it was wonderful to see that people were willing to pay for my designs. Then, in 2016, our daughter was born, and during my maternity leave, everything changed. Being a new mother was consuming, but I found myself with more time to create my designs—and I had a lovely newborn to dress, too.

Toots Kids was born.

I started our website, Tootskids.com.au, and the rest is history. Very quickly, interest began to build, and so did the breadth of my designs. Toots Kids offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for newborns through 6-year-old children, shipped right here from Melbourne Australia. By utilizing my mother’s fabric store in Vietnam, Toots Kids is able to make prices more affordable, while keeping quality high.

All you have to do to see the difference is go online to Tootskids.com.au and check everything out yourself. Finally, your little girl can dress up, and fanciful, for a friendly price. This is a dream come true for me—and I hope, more than anything else, a dream come true for you, and your daughter, too.


Contact information
Mailing address  : PO BOX 3358 Caroline Springs VIC 3023
Email : contactus@tootskids.com.au